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Management Team

Dr. Liu Dejian

Chairman of the Board and Executive Director
  • Mr. Liu led us to become one of the leading online game and mobile Internet operations companies in PRC. He is mainly responsible for the overall business strategic development of the Group and is the chief game designer of our game development team. Mr. Liu leads the game development team on the design of the online game products. He formulates the development policy and contributes to the growth of the Company as a competitive online game operator and developer. Currently, Mr. Liu is committed to lead the Company’s transformation to an international design-oriented enterprise, and actively promoting Internet education, leading the Group to become China’s leading online education industry force. Apart from his management and leadership, Mr. Liu constantly holds training seminars to further enhance the development of our human resources. Under his leadership, the Group was honoured as the “Top 30 Cultural Enterprises in the PRC” (全國文化企業三十強) for three consecutive years and as “Top 100 Internet Enterprises in PRC” (中國互聯網企業百強) for eight consecutive years. The Group was also honoured as “Top 2000 Forbes Global business” (福布斯全球企業兩千強) in May 2014, “Third Award of Top 100 Forbes Potential Enterprises in PRC” (福布斯中國潛力企業百強榜第三名), and “Top 100 National Software Comprehensive Competitiveness Enterprises” (全國軟體企業綜合競爭力百強) in 2015.
  • Mr. Liu graduated with a Bachelor’s degree of Science in Chemistry from University of Kansas in the USA in 1995, and received a doctorate in Education from Beijing Normal University in 2021. Prior to starting Fujian NetDragon Websoft Co., Ltd. (福建網龍計算機網絡信息技術有限公司) (“NetDragon (Fujian)”), Mr. Liu had been the vice-president of Beso Biological Research Centre, Inc (“Beso”) from 1995 to 2005. He was also the vice-president of Fuzhou Yangzhenhua 851 Bio-Engineering Research Inc. (“Fuzhou 851”) from 1995 to 2000 and then promoted to be the president since 2001. Mr. Liu was first introduced to the technology of Internet during his study in the USA when he established a website for marketing of softwares. Anticipating that Internet would have a good development opportunity in the PRC, he founded NetDragon (Fujian) in 1999 when he came back to the PRC.
  • Mr. Liu was awarded as the “Most Influential Person within the Online Game Industry in China in the Chinese Game Industry Annual Conference 2009” in January 2010 (2009年度中國遊戲產業最具影響力人物). He was also awarded as “Excellent Entrepreneur of China Game Industry”* (中國遊戲行業優秀企業家) in the China Game Industry Annual Conference in December 2009. He was appointed as vice-chairman of Fujian Province Association of Youth Entrepreneur* (福建省青年企業家協會) in April 2006. He also obtained Fujian Youth Entrepreneur Achievement Award* (福建青年創業成就獎) in April 2005, Go Tone Fujian IT Industry Top 10 Outstanding Youth* (全球通福建IT行業十大傑出青年) in May 2005, Certificate of Fujian Entrepreneurial Tutor of the Chinese Youth Business International Programme* (中國青年創業國際計劃福建創業導師證書) in June 2005, Fujian Youth Technology Award* (福建省青年科技獎) in March 2010, Software Outstanding Talent in Fujian Province* (福建省軟件傑出人才) in September 2010 and Entrepreneurial Excellence Award in Haixi* (海西創業英才獎) in April 2012, and he was appointed as a member of the Second Council of The Association for Redound Reposal, Fujian (福建省誠信促進會第二屆理事會) in July 2012. Mr. Liu received the Management Talent Award* (領軍人物獎) in June 2011, Fujian.
  • Business Building Haixi Outstanding Contribution Award* (福建閩商建設海西突出貢獻獎) and Fujian Donations of Non-public Ownership Economy Welfare Outstanding Contribution Award* (福建非公有制經濟人士捐贈公益事業突出貢獻獎) in June 2013. Mr. Liu was awarded as the Entrepreneur of the Year in Entrepreneur Conference of CYZONE* (創業邦年會年度創業人物) in November 2013. As the developer of “91 assistant” software first person, Mr. Liu received the Progress Prize Second Award in Fujian Province Science and Technology* (福建省科學技術進步二等獎) in January 2014. Mr. Liu was awarded the Special Allowance Expert in State Council* (國務院特殊津貼專家) in January 2015, the Publishing Award for Outstanding People in Fujian Province* (福建省優秀出版人物獎) in September 2015, Excellent Leader in the Non-public Economy of Fujian Province* (福建省非公有制經濟優秀建設者) in May 2016 and the Economic Award of Chinese Businessman of 2016 (2016年度華人經濟人物) in December of the same year. Mr. Liu was honoured as Senior Engineer* (享受教授、研究員待遇高級工程師) with his outstanding technical achievements in May 2017. Mr. Liu is also a director of NetDragon Websoft (Hong Kong) Limited (“NetDragon (Hong Kong)”) and NetDragon Websoft Inc. (“NetDragon (BVI)”).
  • Dr. Leung Lim Kin, Simon

    Vice Chairman of the Board, Executive Director, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Fujian Province Huayu Education Technology Co. Ltd. ("Fujian Huayu")
  • Dr. Leung joined the Company in March 2015. He is responsible for the planning, consolidation and operation of the education business of the Company in the People’s Republic of China and the development of the online education business overseas.
  • Dr. Leung had over 30 years of experience in both information technology and telecommunications industries. In 2005, he was appointed as the president of Motorola Asia-Pacific, a company principally engaged in the production of data communication and telecommunication equipment, where he was primarily responsible for the overall strategic planning and implementation in the Asia-Pacific region. Since 2008, Dr. Leung was the chief executive officer of Microsoft Greater China region, a company principally engaged in developing, manufacturing, licensing and sales of software products, where he was primarily responsible for overseeing overall business operations and for developing and implementing a regional strategy.
  • Prior to joining the Company, Dr. Leung also held management roles at various educational institutions or corporations engaging in education business. From 2009 to 2010, he was the governor of the Upper Canada College, an educational institution, where he was primarily responsible for establishing and directing policy for the college and overseeing its financial affairs. In 2012, Dr. Leung was the chief executive officer of Harrow International Management Services Limited, a company principally engaged in the management of Harrow International Schools, where he was responsible for the development of new Harrow International Schools and education services in Asia.
  • Dr. Leung received his bachelor of arts degree and an honourary doctorate in laws from the University of Western Ontario, Canada in 1978 and 2005 respectively and a doctorate in business administration from Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2007.
  • Dr. Leung currently serves as a member of the Ivey Asia Advisory Board of the Richard Ivey School of Business of the University of Western Ontario, an educational institution, where he is primarily responsible for advising the school on its mission strategy in Asia. He is also a governor of Tung Wah College, an educational institution, where he is primarily responsible for determining key governance issues. From 2010 to 2015, Dr. Leung was a member of the International Advisory Committee of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. From 2015 to 2017, he was appointed as a member of the Steering Committee on Innovation and Technology of HKSAR. Dr. Leung is currently an independent non-executive director of Purapharm Corporation Limited (Stock Code: 1498), a company listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (the “Stock Exchange”). He is also a director of ARHT MEDIA INC. (Stock Code: ART), a company listed on TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV).
  • Liu Luyuan

    Executive Director, Rotating CEO
  • Mr. Liu is the executive Director, Chief Executive Officer, Compliance Officer and one of the authorised representatives of the Company, and also serves as CEO of TQ Digital and director of NetDragon (BVI). Mr. Liu currently shoulders a number of social services, such as acting as the director general of the West Taiwan Strait Youth Entrepreneurs Foundation, vice chairman of Fujian Youth Development Foundation, vice chairman of the Fujian Youth Federation, executive vice chairman of Fujian Enterprises and Entrepreneurs Confederation, as well as the chairman of Fujian Youth Entrepreneurs Association.
  • As an outstanding representative of the new social community taking part in the construction of the Fujian West-strait Economic Zone, Mr. Liu has engaged in the operation and management of software enterprises and technology development since his graduation from Chengdu Electronic Technology University in 1997. He has decades of experience in the management and administration of technical institutions. Mr. Liu is in charge of overall management. He has set up the project management department, and introduced the game project management system to ensure a level of standards for game products. As the Company’s spokesman, he is also responsible for coordination with governmental departments, media, and other external parties, under which he has built up the Company’s public reputation. By taking part in various activities on behalf of the Company, he shared new ideas and new technologies in animation and game industry. Furthermore, he set up the West Taiwan Strait Youth Entrepreneurs Foundation to cultivate talent. Mr. Liu was awarded the “May 4th Youth Medal” and the titles of “Fujian Brilliant Entrepreneur”, “Fujian Top Ten Economic People” and “Fujian Business Building Haixi Outstanding Contribution Award”.
  • Mr. Liu graduated from Chengdu Electronic Technology University in 1997, with a degree in electro-mechanical engineering, and later received an adjunct professor certificate from Fujian Normal University.
  • Chen Hongzhan

    Executive Director, Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President
  • Mr. Chen is the Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer and Executive Director of the Company. He is an experienced online game developer with over 20 years of experience in the management of game development. He is mainly responsible for game development of the Company. The technical team led by Mr. Chen is responsible for the Programme development and the technical support to the production of games of the Company. His technical support and experience have raised the efficiency and quality of the Company’s game development department.
  • Mr. Chen graduated with a Bachelor’s degree of Engineering in Mechanical Design and Manufacture(機械設計及製造)from Beihang University(北京航空航天大學)in July 1995. Before joining the Company in 2001, Mr. Chen was a game developer. Mr. Chen established his own online game studio from 1996 to 1999. Mr. Chen worked as the project manager in Chongqing Dazhong Software Company from 1998 to 2000 and the manager of the technical department in Beijing Beijibing Technology Development Company Limited from 2000 to 2001.
  • Zheng Hui

    Executive Director, Chairman of NetDragon (Fujian) and NetDragon Communist Party Committee Secretary
  • Mr. Zheng is an executive Director of the Company and is responsible for the overall management and administration of the Group. Mr. Zheng has accumulated over 20 years of management and administration experience, he is responsible for managing the administrative department of the Group, providing support to the Group’s operation, and coordinating, supervising and managing the duties of various departments. Mr. Zheng is one of the founding shareholders of the Company, and he is currently the legal representative and director of Fujian NetDragon Websoft Co, Limited* (福建網龍計算機網絡信息技術有限公司), Fujian TQ Digital Inc. (福建天晴數碼有限公司), Fujian Province Huayu Education Technology Limited* (福建省華漁教育科技有限公司) and Fujian Tianquan Education Technology Limited* (福建天泉教育科技有限公司). At the same time, he is also appointed in several positions, which includes the Deputy to the Fujian Thirteenth Provincial People’s Congress* (福建省第十三屆人大代表), the Deputy to the Fuzhou Fifteenth Provincial People’s Congress* (福州市第十五屆人大代表), member of China Culture and Entertainment Industry Association* (中國文化娛樂行業協會理事), Chairman of Fujian Cultural Enterprises Association* (福建省文化企業協會會長), Chairman of Trade Development Association of Fuzhou City* (福州市服務貿易發展促進協會會長), Vice Chairman of the Fuzhou Chamber of E-Commerce* (福州市電子商務商會副會長), Vice Chairman of the Fujian Confidentiality Association* (福建省保密協會副會長), Vice Chairman of the Fujian Technology Market Association* (福建省技術市場協會副會長), Vice Chairman of Fuzhou Private Enterprise Association* (福州市民營企業家協會副會長), Vice Chairman of Fuzhou Talent Development Association* (福州市人才發展促進會副會長), Vice Chairman of Fuzhou Software Industry Association, the committee member of the Fujian Provincial Youth Federation* (福建省青年聯合會委員).
  • Mr. Zheng was awarded as the Brilliant Entrepreneur of Game Industry in China* (中國遊戲行業優秀企業家) from 2016 to 2020 and was also recognised as the First Batch of Cultural Master in Fuzhou* (福州市首批文化名家) in September 2018. He has been appointed as the Secretary of NetDragon Party* (網龍黨委書記) since 2016, has received Non-Government Party Award* (非公黨建金雁獎) in 2018, be honoured as Outstanding Party Performer* (市優秀黨務工作者) in 2019, and was nominated as “Party Building Leaders of Digital Economy” in 2020.
  • Before founding NetDragon (Fujian) in 1999, Mr. Zheng worked in Beso and Fuzhou 851 from 1992 to 1999. He obtained a graduation certificate from the Continuing Education Institute of Beijing Normal University in 2000.
  • Wang Song

    Chief Product Officer and Senior Vice President
  • Mr. Wang joined the Group in 2002 and is responsible for the game projects, such as Eudemons Online 《魔域》 and Conquer Online 《征服》. He has also participated in the planning of a number of major projects, including Monster & Me 《幻靈游俠》, Zero Online 《機戰》, OL Tou Ming Zhuang Online 《投名狀OL》 and OL Heroes of Might & Magic Online 《英雄無敵OL》. Since 2004, Mr. Wang has been planning the Eudemons Online 《魔域》 project, and in the past ten years, he has led the Eudemons Online 《魔域》 related projects to win numerous awards in China, successfully enter the overseas market, and achieve tens of billions of income for the Company. Mr. Wang has also been responsible for the planning and research and development of educational products of the Group since 2013. Since 2017, with the change of the Group’s overall education business structure, Mr. Wang has been fully responsible for the product business of the Group (including games and education). He is currently the Chief Products Officer and Senior Vice President of the Company, mainly responsible for the Company’s core product design, major strategic recommendations and major decision making.
  • Yam Kwok Hei, Benjamin

    Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President
  • Mr. Yam joined the Group as our Chief Financial Officer in October 2013 and is responsible for financial management, investor relations and strategic business development. Mr. Yam has over 15 years of professional experience in financial services spanning private equity, corporate finance and auditing. Prior to joining the Group, he was a Partner at Entropy Ventures, a cleantech venture capital firm, and before that, he worked for over 7 years at SAIF Partners, a pre-eminent Asian private equity firm managing over USD4 billion, where he last served as Senior Vice President and was actively involved in leading the closing and exit of numerous investment transactions in Greater China, as well as serving as an active board member of several portfolio companies. Mr. Yam started his professional career as an auditor at Arthur Andersen.
  • Mr. Yam holds a Master of Science degree from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Commerce degree from University of British Columbia. He is a Chartered Accountant, an associate member of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants and a Chartered Financial Analyst charterholder.
  • Yu Biao

    Senior Vice President, Chairman of Fujian Huayu (PRC), Chairman of Fuzhou Software Technology Vocational College (福州軟件職業技術學院)
  • Mr. Yu joined the Group in September 2009, Currently, he serves as Senior Vice President of the Company, Chairman of Fujian Huayu (PRC) and Chairman of Fuzhou Software Technology Vocational College (福州軟件職業技術學院), and is mainly responsible for the planning, consolidation and operation development of the education business of the Company in the PRC and the development of its overseas online education business, with a focus on comprehensive business that covers early childhood education, basic education, higher education, vocational education, corporate training, and non-formal and lifelong education to provide educational authorities, colleges, kindergartens, parents and teachers with professional and convenient education services and teaching or training services through collaborations with educational authorities, colleges and enterprises by building official services platforms and services portals, so as to promote wider application of information technology in education and intelligent education that assisted us in cultivating and providing a large number of talents with practical skills. Mr. Yu also concurrently serves as the vice president of the Association of Promoting Reading in the Public of Fujian Province (福建省全民閱讀促進會副會長), director of VR/AR Vocational Education Steering Committee of Fujian Province (福建省VR/AR行業職業教育指導委員會), member of Council of Development of Warmth Projects of Fujian Province (福建省溫暖工程促進會), member of Digital Art Professional Committee of China Society of Image and Graphics (中國圖像圖形學學會數碼藝術專委會), Director of China Unicom 5G Applications Innovation Alliance (中國聯通5G應用創新聯盟理事).
  • Before joining the Company, Mr. Yu graduated from the Department of Light Industries of Fuzhou University in 1992, majoring in food engineering. Mr. Yu was a director of Xiamen Digital Engine Network Co., Ltd. (廈門數字引擎網絡有限公司) in 2000. He was the assistant to the dean of Napier College of Fuzhou University (福州大學中英Napier學院) from 2000 to 2007. Mr. Yu was the managing director of Fuzhou Bojie Education Consultation Co., Ltd. (福州博傑教育諮詢有限公司) in February 2004, deputy director of the Chinese and Australian Class Project of Fuzhou No.8 Secondary School and the Chief Representative of the Australian school in China in June 2006 and Managing Director of Fuzhou Bojie Child Education Technology Co., Ltd. (福州博傑兒童教育科技有限公司) from 2008 to 2009. He has over 20 years of experience in education management.
  • Lin Wei

    Senior Vice President
  • Mr. Lin joined the Group in 2008 and is currently the senior vice president of the Group and the president of Fujian Huayu (PRC), mainly responsible for organisation and management of sales team, construction and expansion of sales channel and research and development of hardware products for the educational business of the Group in the PRC. Before joining the Group, Mr. Lin worked for DELL (China) and has over 15 years of experience in IT, mobile Internet and education industries.
  • Mr. Lin also serves as the instructor of Yanwu Maker at the Software College of Xiamen University and has dedicated to the integration of advanced technology (such as AI/VR/AR/big data) with education, so as to move the industry forward. In view of this, Mr. Lin actively encourages the implementation of virtual reality technology in higher vocational education. Since the inception of the virtual reality competition in the National Vocational Student Skills Competition (全國高等職業技能大賽虛擬現實賽項) in 2017, Netdragon has been the organiser of this event for two consecutive years. Mr. Lin has facilitated the cooperation of Netdragon with National Center for Schooling Development Programme to set up Guoyu Huayu VR World Laboratory project, thereby providing VR technology laboratory and talent cultivation programme for research undergraduate education, application-type undergraduate education and vocational college. He has formed a VR educational alliance with China Association for Educational Technology and The Open University of China to provide VR curriculum design and laboratory construction programme for the Open University. Furthermore, Mr. Lin also serves on the editorial board of the “Artificial Intelligence”(人工智能)series, teaching materials for basic education published by the Shanghai Educational Publishing House. He received the 2020 Echoing China Tencent Education Annual Ceremony Award (二零二零回響中國騰訊教育年度盛典獎) and was recognised as the 2020 Education Industry Leader (二零二零年度教育行業領軍人物).
  • Lin Chen

    Senior Vice President
  • Mr. Lin joined the Group in 2009, currently serves as the senior vice president of the Group. He is responsible for the management of the design center, the design supporting center and QA department. Mr. Lin is an experienced expert in the area of software quality management. After joining the Group, Mr. Lin has led the QA technology team to continuously improve software quality management system and ensure product safety and reliability of the Company, and has in turn achieved remarkable result in ensuring software safety. Since 2013, Mr. Li has concurrently served as the head of the design center and was responsible for management of the game design, software design, UED and industry design teams. He proactively promotes improvement of design ability, cultivation of design talents, consideration and promotion of design method and helping the Group to transform into an international design enterprise. Since 2018, Mr. Lin has served as the senior vice president of the Group, responsible for the management of the design center, the design supporting center and the QA department. Concurrently, he has been deeply involved in strategic work of the Group, such as decision-making in research and development of the game and education business.
  • Before joining the Group, Mr. Lin worked in the Global Information Technology Services department, responsible for testing and delivery of overseas IT projects. He is experienced in software quality management and overseas business management.
  • Chen Hong

    Chief Technology Officer (“CTO”) of Fujian Huayu and Senior Vice President
  • Mr. Chen joined the Group as CTO of Fujian Huayu in April 2018, fully responsible for technical development strategy planning, research and development, difficult challenges and innovation, capacity improvement and other technical management issues in the education business field. Prior to joining the Group, Mr. Chen served as General Manager of VMware Beijing R&D Center, R&D Director of CPD China and Japan, and CTO of SVM (Joint Venture of Sugon and VMware). Mr. Chen has rich management experiences in large-scale teams of Chinese and global companies, Sino-foreign joint ventures and startups. He also has excellent management skills in Internet education, education artificial intelligence, cloud computing, operating system, network, storage, system management automation and large enterprise software development, testing, product management, customer technical support, and R&D center management. Mr. Chen obtained a master’s degree in engineering from Beijing Institute of Technology in 1999 and a master’s degree in business administration from Tsinghua University in 2008.
  • Lin, Chiachuan, Peter

    Chief Designer and Vice President
    After joining the Group in April 2013, Mr. Lin has participated in its businesses, such as the development and design of interface and hardware of the Company’s products, research and development of educational equipment, and design of gaming experience. He is currently responsible for the management of User Experience Design Center (UEDC) and Industrial Design Centre (IDC) and certain overseas design teams. Mr. Lin served as the senior manager of the design centre of BenQ Corporation (BenQ) from 2004 to 2006, and the chief designer of BenQ from 2006 to 2010, responsible for the design of brand-name products. He joined Samsung Design China under Samsung Electronics as the creative director/deputy chief in 2012. Mr. Lin graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology in New York, the U.S. and obtained a master’s degree of fine arts (MFA). He has over 20 years of experience in design and development and management of brand-name products.

    Garwin Chan

    Chief Strategy Officer of Edmodo
    Mr. Chan joined the Group in March 2019 as the Chief Strategy Officer of Edmodo. Prior to Edmodo, he was the chief financial officer at The Third Stone Holdings Limited, an e-commerce and blockchain startup. Prior to that, Mr. Chan was a private equity and credit investment executive, having spent 8 years with Bain Capital in the US and in Asia, before joining a Chinese conglomerate to lead their private equity investments. Mr. Chan graduated from Harvard College with a BA in Economics, and from Harvard Business School with a Master in business administration.

    Vin Riera

    Chief Executive Officer of Promethean
    Vin Riera was appointed as Chief Executive Officer at Promethean in January 2017. Vin is responsible for Promethean’s “mission to develop the transformative technologies, educational content and dynamic experiences that motivate students to learn”. He is committed to furthering the legacy of success and continuing to place Promethean customers at the center of everything it does. Prior to working for Promethean, Vin has served as the Chief Executive Officer at Collegis Education, Chief Executive Officer at Edmentum and held executive leadership roles at Gateway and Orange Business Services. Vin holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Western New England University and has over 25 years of successful experience across the hardware, software and business services fields.

    Lau Hak Kin, Wood

    Financial Controller, Qualified Accountant, Head of Compliance and Corporate Affairs and Company Secretary
    Mr. Lau joined the Group as Financial Controller and Head of Compliance and Corporate Affairs in February 2014 and was appointed as the Company Secretary of the Group in September 2014. Mr. Lau holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration, majoring in accountancy, from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is an associate member of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants, a fellow member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and a CFA charterholder. He has over 10 years of experience in financial management, risk management, accounting, taxation and auditing and previously worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers and acting chief financial officer of Asian Citrus Holdings Limited before joining the Group.