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NetDragon Websoft Holdings Limited(HKSE: 0777)

NetDragon Websoft Holdings Limited (HKSE: 0777) is a prominent innovator in China’s online gaming and mobile internet application industries, as well as a leading force in developing Chinese online education, enterprise information systems and VR industry. With all her economic indicators standing at the front of the line in China, NetDragon is named ‘the Key Software Enterprises under the State Planning Scheme’, ‘the National Cultural Industry Model Base’, and ‘the Key Enterprises of National Cultural Export’. Despite holding a spot on the list of “National Top 30 Cultural Enterprises” for two years in a row, the Company has ranked on “Chinese Top 100 Technology Enterprises” for the fourth year in a row, edging herself into the Forbes Global 2000, and jumping to the 3rd place on Forbes’ “China’s Listed Potential Enterprises Top 100”. NetDragon has more than 6,000 staff worldwide. For two years in a row, NetDragon is named “Outstanding Employer”, as one of the best companies to work for in China.

The core businesses of NetDragon maintain steady growth, consolidating at the front of the line. The Company published 17173.com - China’s top online game portal, Eudemon Online and Conquer Online - the self-developed flagship games with great popularity, 91 Wireless - the world’s most influential and popular smartphone service platform, and many other brilliant products. In 2013, NetDragon announced the sale of 91 Wireless to Baidu which marked the biggest merger and acquisition in China’s internet history, at that time. In fiscal year 2014, NetDragon achieved annual revenue of RMB 963 million, with a year-on-year growth of 8.9%, holding onto the first ranking in Fujian Province.

NetDragon has been devoting in enhancing self-dependent innovation as its core competence, making its originality and R&D abilities ahead of the line. To date, the Company has released dozens of self-developed online games and mobile products, such as Eudemon Online, Calibur of Spirit, Twisted Soul, and Tiger Knight. The iPad version of Conquer Online developed with the cross-platform intercommunicating game transfer technique has claimed a leading position with the highest market share in domestic market of the same products and the second largest export scale. Its self-developed game engines, such as C3 and S3, further make the Company distinctive and excellent in developing 2D, 2.5D and 3D games. On the other hand, Haixi (NetDragon) Animation Creativity City planned and designed by the Company has been partly completed and put into service, and will breed a large cultural & creative industry cluster, together with animation R&D, communication, experience, animation derivative products, talent education and other relevant animation creative industries. In recent years, NetDragon has harvested enviable achievements in intellectual property: 144 registered trademarks approved by China’s Trademark Office, and 171 trademark applications under examination. The Company has 202 software copyright certificates, 112 software product registration certificates, 272 art work registration certificates, and also enjoys 88 certificated patents which include 73 patents for invention and 15 patents for utility models. Additionally, NetDragon was named the title of “Fujian Research and Development Center of Software Technology”, “the Creative Research and Development Center of Animation and Game”, “the Design Center of Animation, Game and Software”, and “Fujian Enterprise Technology Center”.

NetDragon leads domestic network products onto the international stage. A large proportion of NetDragon’s total revenue comes from its oversea business. As the first Chinese game maker that successfully expanded into overseas markets, NetDragon has brought self-developed game products to the world since 2003, and has become the largest Chinese online game operator in America, Arab and other countries. The products are operated in English, French, Spanish, Arabic and other languages, covering more than 180 countries. The appearance of NetDragon at the Oscars of video games - E3 Expo- and the establishment of business relationships with Ubisoft, Disney, EA, and many well-known enterprises indicate a giant leap in the oversea market for China’s online game industry. NetDragon was awarded “Overseas Expansion Award for National Games” and “Top 10 Online Game Developers” by the Press and Publication Administration for seven times, and was selected to “the Key Enterprises of National Cultural Export” by the Commerce Department.

NetDragon has grown into a principal force in mobile and internet education business, striving to forge a high-valued global online educational enterprise. Relying on her technology and knowledge on mobile internet, the Company launched an open education platform based on mobile internet, the e-bag contributing to educational equality and creativity, as well as other interesting educational animation products. Based on 91UP and 591UP, two online education brands with good market reputation, the Company is planning to produce a series of unique educational products: the most cost-effective E-bag (101 Student Tablet) co-produced by NetDragon and Foxteq, a $33 million venture jointly invested by NetDragon, Hon Hai and Vision Knight Capital to explore business in the online education, and the most advanced personalized learning system supported by Cloud technology and the big data. In 2014, NetDragon continues to shine in mobile internet industry. The Company struck strategic merger with HongKong Cherrypicks, and acquired Cherrypicks’ mobile solution business, to form a global science and technology powerhouse. In early 2015, its education subsidiary raised $52.5 million that values the subsidiary at over $500 million. In June 2015, NetDragon acquired Suzhou Chivox, a leading intelligent voice technology provider in China, and integrated Chivox‘s technology into the core of NetDragon’s 101 English Listening and Speaking Exam Solution. In November 2015, NetDragon completed the acquisition of a 100% stake in Promethean, a global educational giant, which enabled NetDragon to deliver its educational services to more than 1.3 million classrooms, 2 million teachers and 30 million students in over 100 countries worldwide, and gave NetDragon more confidence in building a cutting-edge ecosystem for international life-long education. In 2016, the world’s first VR open platform landed in Fujian Province. NetDragon has targeted at VR industry, giving her best shot to shape Fujian’s VR industrial base into China’s and even the world’s leading “VR Silicon Valley”.

NetDragon always adheres to the guiding influence of core socialist values in its enterprise culture, constantly creating social benefits. As one of the initiators of anti-addiction system in China, NetDragon takes an active part in the development and spread of the system in online games. The Company advocates civilized internet and the idea of health entertainment, and gives an active involvement in the construction of self-examination system proposed by the Ministry of Culture. The original animation with a theme on traditional culture, The Adventure of Afu, re-interprets of the book Di Zi Gui with a modern science concept. The animation targets school children at different ages and disseminates traditional moral culture to the society. While inside the Company, a series of events aiming to promote traditional virtues have been held among the employees, such as, Spark Filial Piety in ND for Big Rewards, Sweet Show of Family Photos in Spring. In addition, the Company collaborated closely with the YBC office to follow the Youth Business International model, which has provided trainings for 92,257 people. During the past few years, NetDragon has supported nearly 2,000 young people to start their own business and offered more than 10,000 opportunities of employment. Fujian NetDragon Youth Business Foundation has been established to provide venture creation training, interest-free loans, mentorship program, and many other non-profit services. Through NetDragon Teenagers Care Foundation, the Company donated RMB 8 million to support the reconstruction of earthquake/flood stricken areas like Wenchuan and Cajuput, and dispatched expert psychologists to the affected areas to provide psychological guidance for children. Under the leadership of Fujian Communist Youth League, the ‘Youth Development Service Platform’ and Fujian Youth Federation Communication Platform have been established by NetDragon to provide services to the teenagers by using new media, which dramatically strengthened the cohesion of youth associations and attracted the attention of the CYL Central Committee. Through practical actions, NetDragon implements the core socialist values and contributes wisdom and strength to the flourish and development of Haixi cultural industry.

For more details, please visit the official website: http://www.nd.com.cn